Marketing Support

We know how to help you present your property to get the tenant you are looking for.We can provide you with simple advertising solutions and direct you to a variety of free sites to get your listing noticed.

Leasing Support

We recommend annual twelve month term, as a general rule. However if you have a property coming up in the winter adjusting lease terms where possible to try to bring future vacancies into more desirable time period is recommended.Tenant Communication and Leasing Support is offered by providing administrative phone support, access to property, application and lease documentation support.

Additional pet application, schedule A addendum, utilities agreement forms and condo board forms can be created as required in conjunction with lease paperwork.

All above leasing support services are completed at a rate of 55% of the first month’s rent 

Annual lease renewal document support is completed for $175

Property Inspections

Move In Inspection with new tenant – $50 includes inspection form and photos

Move Out Inspection with previous tenant – $50 includes inspection form and photos

Bi-Annual Property Inspections – $100 per property with maximum of two suites, includes full report of property maintenance required, photos, estimates and capital planning information for upcoming requirements.