Joint Venture Real Estate Opportunities In YYC

Now qualifying joint venture parties to invest in cash-flowing properties in Calgary.

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First, What is a Joint Venture?

The joining of two or more people or groups to conduct a specific business enterprise; Real Estate Joint Venture: “An agreement joining together two or more parties for the purpose of executing a particular Real Estate undertaking; each party has committed to perform certain duties and live up to those commitments.”

Why Consider a JV in Real Estate

Fear of not making the right decisions

Lack of knowledge, expertise and support

Unable to manage property, tenants and/or maintenance

Calgary’s Value-based Real estate investor


Winner of Calgary Residential Rental Association Tenant Service & Small Landlord of the Year Awards

Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN) Top Player Award

Certified Real Estate Investor Advisor

Real Estate Expertise

Investing in Calgary Real Estate for over 10 years

Current portfolio of over 25 doors

Team of Professionals, Finding Cash Flowing Properties

Our Strategy

Buy and hold: We buy long term investment properties that cash flow.

Flip to sell: We buy properties that can be upgraded at the lowest cost to highest cash flow.

Appreciation created through property updates allows for earlier refinance of return of investment.  

Values & Community

Your Certain Values: Respect, Reputation, Contentment, Success, Peace, Excitement & Opportunity.

Only buy properties we could live in ourselves! We live in the neighborhood we invest in!

Exclusively pet friendly rentals – we rent to pets and their owners with pet’s recommendation.

We care about our community, tenants and value long-term relationships.

Bigger Purpose

Everyone has the right to financial freedom. Your Certain helps people invest in cash flowing real estate to build wealth towards living the life of your dreams.

How we are different

Hands-On Operations

  • Legalization of suites
  • Renovation expertise
  • Maintenance & inspection
  • Property management
  • Power team of realtors, mortgage & insurance brokers, lawyers, accountants, inspector’s, trades and service providers

Management & Strategy

  • Experience of over a decade of investing in Calgary
  • Many deals completed in every type of market, including multiple bid offers
  • Tried and tested materials, tools and systems

Business Operations

  • Bookkeeping and finance expertise of over 25+ years
  • Tax preparer with specialization in real estate
  • Advanced technology integration, online forms, video walk through, social media presence
  • Capital planning
  • Rental application process
  • Complete tenancy support

We do the work for you

When choosing a real estate JV, always consider additional services & costs.
YYC JV is proud to include the following Value Adds:

Property Management

Leasing, Tenant Support & Communications &  Documentation plus Property Inspections

General Maintenance

Handyman Services and Repairs at Cost

Bookkeeping Services

Management of investment income and financial statements for year end

Capital Planning

Budgeting for capital expenses throughout investment lifespan

Joint Venture Structure

Investor Partner

  • 50% Ownership
  • 50% responsibility for expenses
  • 50% split of net gains paid quarterly
  • Provides initial costs, down payment, closing costs, immediate renovations (this amount is paid out prior split of proceeds at termination of the agreement)
  • Obtains and holds mortgage

YYC JV Management Partner

  • 50% Ownership
  • 50% responsibility for expenses
  • 50% split of net gains paid quarterly
  • Provide real estate expertise, property management, tenant communication, leasing and documentation, and maintenance inspections
  • Ownership interest registered on title
  • Repairs and maintenance completed by EPA on at cost service no mark ups/admin

YYC JY every day Sample deal – Focus on Cashflow

Detached house in SE Calgary with garage

Property Purchase Price: $330,000
Down Payment $66,000
Legal Fees & Immediate Costs $10,000
Gross Monthly Rents $2,800
Expenses: mortgage, property tax, insurance, utilities $1,800


Vacancy Rate (8% monthly cost per year) $224
Property Management  $280*
Repairs (reduced at cost) $140
Cashflow Range $630 – 1,000

* Property management costs are covered by YYC JV.
Part of our unique JV offer.

Investor Partner 5-Year Return

50% Ownership Cashflow:
$315 – $500 monthly

1-Year ROI: Cashflow & Mortgage Paydown at 50%:

$8,000 = 10.5% 

Excited about the potential for deals like this, but not sure if you qualify? Find out about alternative ways to JV with us.

Is Real Estate a High Risk?

It’s true that there are risks in real estate – lack of knowledge, systems, expertise, unexpected expenses damages and challenges, but tell me a business without risk? In comparison to other investment vehicles (have you seen the markets lately?) and market uncertainty – real estate can be a lower risk?

We believe in real estate. If you have the right recipe of knowledge, team, proven systems and expertise you can hedge the risk of uncertainty and manage your risk effectively and positively.

Market Comparison

$100,000 in managed mutual fund portfolio

10 year varied up and down in market may make 5% average per year with stress of uncertainty in the market.


= $62,000

$100,000 Real Estate JV Investment

10 year may have volatility in the market appreciation and average 2% per year. However when adding the monthly net cashflow and mortgage paydown in our buys on a conservative deal this would be a minimum of 10% return before market appreciation and doesn’t take into account any forced appreciation.


= $160,000

Your Certain is a mindset

It is about owning your certainty!


To know what you truly want in life and have a plan to achieve it. Living your life on purpose by applying your goals to your finances, tax strategies, real estate investing and every day! 


Feel + Be + Act = means start with your own thinking everyday on who you want to show up as; Be connected to your authentic self; Act as you see yourself in the successful achievement of your dreams and life purposes. 

Our Joint Venture solution is completely win/win!
We only benefit if we all benefit.
Let’s help each other win in real estate!

 Laura Atherton

For specific inquiries, contact Laura at
403-618-6337 or [email protected]

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