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Recently I have had the opportunity in Calgary’s current rental market to have a few properties available for lease.

Stressful….. in today’s market conditions!

However, what I was quickly reminded of the importance of impeccable management!

All my vacancies were quickly rented and at a higher rate than neighbouring properties because I offer what today’s tenant is looking for:

  • Well maintained, updated property – not just your run of the mill rental grade, newer finishes, nicer fixtures, updated appliances, beautiful window coverings.  These extras go a long way in your rental being chosen over another
  • Excellent communication – tenants want to know their requests will be responded to.
  • Understanding the service you are offering – renting a property is more than just collecting the rent!  People rent for many reasons, but the one in common is not to have to worry about issues!
  • CARE!  I listen to people’s needs…. What do they value? Why are they moving? What feature does my property have that is exactly what they are looking for in their new home?
  • Build Trust – I show we care through authentic communication and impeccable maintenance.  This is the starting point of a potential long term relationship where mutual trust is paramount to a strong relationship.

Impeccable management is more than target marketing – this is about getting to know your tenant!

 Who is your ideal tenant and what are they looking for?

  • Consistency
  • Availability
  • Prompt response
  • Well maintained
  • Unique features
  • Thoughtful
  • Respect

Comments I hear from while showing properties:

  • I wish every owner / manager was like you
  • It feels good to be listened to
  • I appreciate your communication and quick follow up
  • This property is much cleaner and maintained than others I have seen
  • I like the added finishes and care that have gone into this property

Do you receive these types of comments? and if not what would you need to change?  My first consideration on any property is…. would I live here? What would I want to change or need to make this my home?

We would be happy to assist you with consultation on how you can make affordable upgrades and changes to make your property stand out from the crowd! Contact us