Recently I had the opportunity to Vacation in Mexico! Chance to relax, put my feet up and enjoy life….. or was it?

I unfortunately had an incident with a stingray on my 2nd day of vacation – giving me more time than I expected to REALLY RELAX – no water sports or swimming for me!

With all this added time on my hands I of course scrutinized the vacation rental we were staying at and noticed a few things.

Some interesting points….

Much like the beautiful stingray – vacation rentals can be amazing and look great – from a distance; but under careful scrutiny can sting…..

When offering any service rather it’s a Vacation, Executive or Family Rental… Ask yourself –

Your tenants can easily feel stung when what they have grown to expect a certain level of service.  It is confusing and doesn’t instill trust if we adjust our business model sporadically or don’t have one to follow.

Don’t get stung by the results of neglecting your rental business!  We can help – Ask us how to develop a solid capital maintenance plan for your properties  as well as we are happy to discuss how excellence in service supports keeping your units rented and increases referrals!

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